Baby Making Day 1

My husband and I are trying to make a baby, this is our day 1 story. As you can see from my picture i am a pretty tiny thing and I make my husband *** fast. Since we are trying to make a baby he wanted to **** me longer so he could *** more, so he asked me to stretch my ***** so he could **** me long and hard. So being a good wife I obliged and while he was at work ****** myself with my thick 8 inch ***** and left it in my ***** all day at home.

1st Load -
When my husband came home he went nuts seeing the ***** in instantly got hard. He pulled it out and my ***** was gaped from the toy. He ****** me longer and harder than usual and dumped a huge load in me.

2nd Load -
After dinner told my hubby I was horny again. He looked excited. I told him lets try something new. He said, oh yea, what would you like to do? I told him how about you **** my ***** and stuff my *** with the *****. From the look in his eyes I could tell he felt like he won the lottery. We went to the bedroom and did our usual oral foreplay. He then bent me over the bed and ****** me doggy style. After a few minutes he stuck his thumb in my ***, it made me so hot. After a few more minutes he started pushing the ***** into my bum. Suddenly it popped into my *** I let a little scream it was so big. I felt so stuffed with my husband assaulting my ***** and the ***** drilling my ***. After about 10 minutes I climaxed so hard and squirted over my husbands ****. It was too much for him and he exploded in my.

The end of baby making night 1.

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It sounds like you and your husband are on the right track. I used to be too sensitive also and used a numbing cream, I think it was Benzocane or wore a thick rubber sleeve to prolong sex.

I love your story and hope you do get pregnant!

so did you get pregnant? I guess I have to check your other stories? if it worked or not, it sure sounds fun trying?

very hot story, you have a very lucky husband!

so erotic
keep us updated wz ur trials

You are a beautiful wife. Shame your husband isn't as big as your ***** and a shame he **** so quickly

Love your description! Can I see some pics? please add!

Good luck

That's so ******* exciting ! You're such a hot and horny **** to your husband and I'm sure he made you the first baby right ion that night !