My Ex Husband

My ex husband is a great father and we have one sweet child together. We separated after he and I could no longer live together. Last month he ask if I wanted more kids and I told him I did. We talked for days and agreed we would try together. He and I have tried every day for 2 weeks. I forgot what it was like to feel a man between my legs and giving into my needs. He holds me on him to full my womb and I just remember soon our child will come into this world through the same spot he or she is created. Its a beautiful site to watch your child hold your breast in their tiny mouths for the first time. To watch this baby grow inside and outside my body. To love every second of being a mother. To enjoy being a mother and watch my belly grow because my baby our baby is becoming. Its really the first time in a while that I love my body that my ex husband loves my body. Its nothing short of love for him to place a baby in me. Hope I can update this sometime soon with a date that our child will come out of me and we'll hear the first crys.
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