So wanting it that I wonder if it's not a fetish. I'm not ready yet so on the pill right now but once I can say bye to BC I'm doing it.
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it turns me on thinking about it too.... but being ready is key :)

it could be a fetish too but i get it

Awe sweetie, it's so nice to read that you are going about this responsibly. I wish you all the best when the time comes. It sounds like your wee one will be in good hands :)

sounds good to me :)

Yeah, definitely wait a bit until you're ready. It's definitely fun to think about in the meantime, though.

think about getting pregnant first, I was 17 when i got pregnant and even tho I love her and she's my world, I realized it was way to young

That's what I'm saying.

Well think of the baby...dont bring a baby into a world when u arent ready because the baby will suffer for it.

Yeah that's the young


I recommend not getting pregnant then. To help ease ur desire for kids though, maybe u can work at a daycare or babysit? Or get a pet.

Ive been on the apps Wanelo and Pinterest and have looked at baby stuff. I found lots of stuff i would want for my future baby. Maybe looking at baby stuff on those apps will help u? Or make it worse... Idk lol.

Well I'm not going to die a long while anyways.just really impatient.

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I wish you the best of luck hun, in getting pregnant.


You are very welcome.