I want to get pregnant again so bad!!
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18-21, F
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I can help you get pregnant.

I would be happy to help

I would get you pregnant

Still in need of a hand? Lets talk ill be willing to help

if you want it
it will happen

I'll get it done for you. Just add me to your cycle and write me. I'll help until your wish has come true. :)

I Really Want To Get Someone Pregnant

Hi ladies, I'm experiencing an extremely strong basic instinct to fulfil my role as a man and give a baby to someone who's looking for that. I'm a professional, well educated young man working in finance in London, so have some brains on my shoulders, and quite good athletic build. Quite confident then that you'd be receiving a good donor that will result in a very pleasing, wonderous new life that will be a joy to you for all your life to.

So I think it's really a great gift im offering. There's no strings attached, I don't have to be in your life, but I would prefer to be a part of the child's life as they grow regularly. Though these things are with your agreement ofcourse, we'll talk about it all. Im 26, young looking, light brown caramel colour skin, dark hair, dark eyes, well built with a rugby player type frame, strong arms to hold you close, powerful legs for deep hard thrusts. Thick black circumsised **** for your pleasure, in regular sessions trying to get pregnant. They say 3 or more sessions a week, loooonnnnng sessions, are required.

Im the strong gentle type, very sensual, very physical, strong and dominant but always caring about if you're comfortable, enjoying it, and ok etc. So if you're between 18-25, in London, English, Scottish, welsh, american, northern european, black or asian preferably, please get in touch, but all welcome to get in touch and we can discuss, even if you are above my pref range. We'll meet up and chat or coffee, or hot chocolate for me, get to know the motives and plans and how we'll do this, and arrange a first try. look forward to hearing from you.

text me on 07851212377 or add me on facebook Kal Niyah. x

then go get pregnant :)

I would love it too!! Getting creampied is good too though...

Hey there if ur still looking to get pregnant plz message me. Would love to talk about it and see if I can help you

I will do

by your boyfriend or anyone?

Don't have a boyfriend any more

Hi I would love to help you get pregnant im a donor and I would stick with you while you're pregnant and take you out to dinner and a movie and cuddle up with you rubbing your belly protecting your belly as the baby is growing

Message me please!!

Can you add me please :) I tryed to message you but no luck

I will

Thank you so much for adding me :)

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