4 Weeks Late!

Ok, what the hell is going on? I am 4 weeks late and still a negative pee test. I went to the Dr's today and he took some blood, so maybe that will show up. I have never been this late before. Anyone had this happen, and what was the outcome?

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good luck!

Thanks EPMUMMY! At least things are happening, means my BF bits are working!

Just found a good site for anyone who is TTC!<br />

Well, I was 9 weeks late when they came, but I also had a positive pee test days later, now the tests are nearly negative (much lighter), so I must have had an early miscarrage.

I am now 7 weeks late, (11 weeks since I have had a period) BUT I am not pregnant. I had an ultrasound done and I have polycystic ovararies. So it may take a little more than just a fun time to get pregnant, such as hormone drugs and/or IVF!

Well, I am now nearly 6 weeks late, and off for an ultrasound on Tuesday! Fingers crossed please!

Thanks for you comments. I just have to be patient and see what happens. I got a negative blood test. So time will tell!<br />
I have heard heaps of stories about women who get negative results until they actually see the fetus on an ultrasound. Fingers crossed!

I used to go months without a period and I would take pregnancy tests just to make sure. Never was positive. Then I went to the doctor because of stomach pains and was stunned to find out I was pregnant