my mom had my baby brother a few months ago, so lately I been doing this life change, I am allowing myself to let go of certain things about last year and in my past, so I can finally move on with my life, so I can be a better person to myself, and to my kids, and with my family and friend's, so I been doing a lot of thinking, I think I am finally ready to try to have a boy, some of you know that I really do want a big family, I don't really count bella and mindie in this, because I didn't have them, I just adopted them, so at the moment I am single, I am not looking for a boyfriend at all, I don't want a baby daddy at all just want the baby, so how can I go about this, I was thinking about asking my ex boyfriend Trey, but I think he may be a bad choice, I thought about Scott, but I don't want to scare him off, do any of you guys have any ideas.
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well I'll dang sure get u preg and leave u be done it before cuz all they wanted tk be was bred and left alone

hello, if your in the uk i will gladly get you pregnant if thats all you want i have helped other girls and couples before in the past ....get back to me x

Foster care then adopt cheapest way.

Nice good luck!! :)

i can get u pregnant if u want

why not a donor if your relations don't want?

well if you want to talk about it, let's talk if not i'm sure you'll find a way to get pregnant ;)

message me, I have a better solution

Are you a babysitter

Can you support a family on your income? Don't you think that at your age it would be worth waiting until you are ready to have a boyfriend and perhaps a husband so your child can have the benefit of both? I'm still trying to find my place in this world and I'm older than you Until I feel solidly situated in this life and this world I can imagine being someone else into it that would need me and rely on me for everything I need to feel like I have it to give first Do you?

Ok It's good that you're well established By no means do I think it's a bad idea to have a child on your own If that's really what you want but is it? If your career is going so well what will the struggle be like to support your work and your new born? What about the child? Is it best to have no one help you? Especially if you yourself don't have support from your own family? Why not wait? I'm sure your career is great and it will only get greater! So why not focus on that? Again, 25 is still very young You can certainly have a child but why now? There is so much to do and grow into and get even more comfortable with in life I truly think that you and your child will be missing out if you don't focus on yourself right now Go travel! Learn another language that will help you with work or whatever! Take some risks, just have fun! Then when you have your child there will be so much you've done and experienced to share with them You and your husband

Oh! Well thats deferent Even still Can't ignore the ideal idea of a father and mother to a child

Just giving you the other side of the story to think about You seem like a smart lady You'll do what's right for you and your children

Good to have good help

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Jenny I have helped a few women with this desire. I do it because I love to help women become mothers. Please contact me and we can discuss more. I'm a White, 6'-6" male with blonde heir and blue eyes with an 124 IQ

A surrogate father??

A ***** doner

Lol. Then find a surrogate father the old fashioned way....

Well, I'd want to make it clear my intentions of the role of the father in the child's life (or lack thereof)
I'd want to know their medical history and family's medical history. I'd want to know their aptitude scores if possible.. Ie IQ or asvab. I'd want to know what sports, if any, that they played..

That would be a good start

You're welcome.
Are there potential "donors " that you have in mind?

How will you be screening them?

Me haha

Don't choose anyone related to you in any way they could have birth defects or grow up with a disease or autistic

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