Nclb Never Worked

As an educator (and parent) NCLB at its conception was created with good intentions; however, the way it was written, administered, goverened, etc was a complete failure. I admit it, I am from Texas where the idiotic thing was conceived (do not blame me, I didn't vote for the super idiot) and it never worked here before going on the National level. All that NCLB accomplished was how to teach students to take a test and pass (and it didn't do that well either). The days of actual problem solving, critical thinking and dialogue really went the wayside. Theoretically, it was to bring our educational system back into the front of what USED to be the one of the top educated countries in the world. Systematically, we just got worse... While the government says it used top educational consultants, etc., one would wonder when 95% of the teachers countrywide never approved or agreed with it. Sure, we had to do it because there was NO choice but it was not well received. Now, after over 10 years of abysmal failures it is now finally going to be done away with. But what was the cost after all those wasted years? We are lower in educating our students than we were before and there is no end in sight. Many students whether special ed, at-risk, or other special needs have fallen further behind as well as the "general" ed students. We need to commit to our educational system and the latest federal government cutbacks certainly is not a step in the right direction. Now we get to do more with less and not only does it put more people out of jobs, our youth (which is our future) is further at risk of falling further behind.
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I wish they would revise this NCLB. I agree they had great intenstions yet fell very short. I'm from TN and the NCLB has kids getting pushed thur and teachers being questioned for lazy kids.