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So this is going to sound bitchy but apparently I need to get it out. For those of you I've known for a while I think we're good but for all the rest please avoid assumptions by reading this.

I don't do religion so best we avoid the subject. That means don't offer to pray for me, send me links to your god sites or anything that goes with it. I don't preach to you therefore don't to me. If I write it's because I'm venting as EP is my spouse... generally I'll get over it, really.

Don't ask me to IM or skype... Do I have that ability, well yeppers I do, does that mean I run around jumping on line with everyone... nope. My EP experience has shown me that when someone's first PM is in re guards to these it translates into sex talk and frankly I'm not interested. Of course if it's a picture you are requesting I can send you one of anyone you'd like right off google. 

Okay so instead you read ONE of my stories, and I'm sure because you were trolling the naughty side of EP you found a doozy, does this mean I want to discuss it with you? If you answered NO then you are one smart cookie. I write, LOVE LOVE LOVE to write! Sometimes it's about my children and life and other times I step into a fantasy world... stress that "STEP INTO" and after the story I step out. I do like sex but not why I'm here and really not gonna make that our first conversation.

Gee is this it for pet peeves? Probably not but these touched on the top three. I might also throw in that if you comment and your first one with me is in attack mode I do bite back. Otherwise I'm pretty harmless and a really nice person who just wants to write and be me.

Gracias and Adios!
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5 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Well... Good for you just writing what goes on in your life.... Applause to you MSP!!!!

I know how you feel girl.... YES!!!!!!!! ;-)

interesting comment about EP being your spouse...

I can't keep up with the PM's as is and when most fall into the top three I spend too much time hitting delete! UHG!