What Do You Mean

What do you mean?  I want to get sucked off in the hot tub!  I have, and I like it.  I did my next door neighbor.  He was sixteen, and I was eightteen, and every time he came over, i would give him beer and I would suduce him as he started to relax, and as he was sleeping, I was giving him a B/J, an he never knew it.  First, I would wait tell the beer kicked in.  Then, I would start to kiss his beautiful lips. And then slowly, start removing his shorts with my foot, and massaging his crotch with my foot, and that would give him a rise.  Then the next thing I would do, is pull him up out of the water, a go down, and this went on till I had to start taking care of my grandmother.  But this went on 5 yrs. and I loved every minute I could.  When I finally, told him I was doing it to him, he had thought it was always a dream?  Now, since I am no longer near the hot tub, he come around every now and then, to be serviced by me, and I am still doing my best to Please Him and his 8 in. c***.  Yummy, and slurp......

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 21, 2010