Wife Teases

hi to all im 35 wife 33 blonde blue eyes nice body with 38c **** i was just in hospital and wife came to see me we was sitting on bench outside we had been there about 20mins i sat forwrd to read paper and didnt think anything was going on behind my back i looked over shoulder to see if she was ok as i did i see her sucking lollypop from her bag all sexy like, and she was looking behind me to the right i turn to see what she was looking at and i see a guy standing about 4meters away from us eyes bulging out and sorting front of jeans  he couldnt take his eyes of her as she sucked lolly i soon see bulge in his jeans as she carred on i looked back over shoulder and see her rub her right *** iv never see here look so sexy i got such a turn on as did he think she most of to seeing him get hard in his jeans with that i had to go in to see doc dont know if i should say anything or just see if she dose again.  any advice anyone.

hornypaul hornypaul
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One long sentence, no capitols, only 2 periods in the whole thing near the end. Learning how to stop and start a sentence would make this an easier read, as would spelling. Make it easier for everyone before you write another one!! Thats my advice.

Paul, on your profile page, on the left, you'll see your screen name, below that a "View Photo's". Click on that and you'll be prompted to start an album. Or email them to me, and I'll post them! williemcd @ yahoo . com! Bill

can someone please tell me how to put pics on here,thanks

lol really wish i had but nurse came and called me to see doc.

that is a great story you should have waited and seen how it played itself out thanks for sharing

Go with the flow and let her turn you on by having her turn others on! Pics man..