Beautiful, Smart, Awesome...

How would you like for your baby to be called the cutest baby ever? Imagine the comments as people walk by.

"She's such a good baby"
"He's so alert!"
"She's a smart baby"
"He's so strong"
"That's the cutest baby I've ever seen"

I get these comments (and more) DAILY when I walk around with my baby. I come from a calm, strong, intelligent, cunning, and adventerous family with a type of X factor which makes us simply irresistable to hang around. People just seem to flock to me, ask for advice, seek leadership, and try to emulate my style. I don't get sick. I'm not allergic to anything. and I'm brave enough to take risks in business while not foolhardy enough to step in front of a bus.

I have standards too though. I am looking for someone at least as good looking, smart, (young!! must be 18 but please not over to get pregnant.) and awesome as my wife. Is it you? Maybe you had your guy "cut" just a little too soon? Maybe he's just too darn small for you? or maybe you think the sexiest thing in the world would be to have a black mans baby. Well, I'm here for you. However you want it. We can set it up. he can watch. I can be very romantic.

You want to have my baby. You want to raise kids who will listen to you and thank you when they get older. I'm as happily married as married can be, but I'll gladly get you pregnant with a beautiful, intelligent, awesome baby, because it's the right thing to do. have fun folks. Hope to hear from you ;)
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26-30, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

Gosh I wish she was ready to have a baby. Its like a dream to me to raise the bi-racial children that she concieves with another man.