The Good And The Bad

I've been in two marriages where I shared my wife with other men. One ended badly in divorce and the other has been a great success for a number of years.

Would be happy to discuss the advantages and the pitfalls of doing it.
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My wife is about to make me into a cuckold.

Before I start, I just want to say that while I am looking for helpful input I am NOT interested in judgment. If you feel the need to judge, please keep it to yourself and don't waste my time or yours. This is all 100% and I am very nervous right now so please don't be negative unecessarily. Also, I am not a gay man but if you are homophobic then don't read this post. If you are going to push religious beliefs on me, don't read this post. If you are a rude person, don't read or reply to this post.

It is supposed to happen the night of March 7th (me being cuckolded by my wife)... I will update this after if there is any interest but in the meantime constructive feedback/discussion would be greatly appreciated and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE READ MY WHOLE STORY.


Okay so, I'm married to a wonderful, beautiful, successful, and loyal woman. We have been married for one year and three months but we have lived together for eight years, and were engaged for most of that time.

I have been fascinated and turned on by the hotwife/cuckold fantasy since I first started dating her but it took me about two years or so to first bring it up during pillow talk. She was not into the idea at first but eventually it turned into a "Maybe someday, if the perfect opportunity comes along and it feels right."

Before I go on, let me tell you the main differences between me and what I picture as the wimpy "typical cuckold" you see in ****. I am very attractive. I'm not bragging, just telling the truth for the sake of painting an accurate account of my situation. I'm very muscular, strong, and naturally athletic. I'm 28 years old. I have six pack abs bordering on an eight pack and a truly great body in general. I have even dabbled in modeling. At 5'8" I am not very tall but I have never exactly felt like I am a short man. I am brimming with confidence most of the time.

I'm also very good in bed, be it foreplay or sex itself. I can easily make my wife ****** within the first two minutes of intercourse if I want to, and continue to give her several more ******* for as long as I want after that, just with my ****. This was especially true the first few years of our relationship). I have been with many gorgeous women and there was only one ever who didn't appear to thoroughly enjoy the experience. That being said, my penis is not particularly large but I have never doubted that it is big enough to get the job done and done quite well. It is also circumcised, smooth, and very aesthetically pleasing, at least as much as a penis can be anyway.

Outwardly I am not passive or submissive, and if you saw my wife and I together you would NEVER guess what she has planned for next weekend! But I am getting ahead of myself; I will get to that part in a minute.

So, with that all out of the way here is the thing; nothing and I mean NOTHING gets me off like the idea of having a man with a bigger **** **** my wife better than I can (the way it happens in your typical cuckold **** where the husband has a laughable small **** and the other man has so much more between his legs). I also get off on **** where while cheating without her husband's presence the wife tells the man things like, "Your **** is SO much bigger than my husband's, it feels so much better, etc," and whenever I imagine myself in that position I imagine myself as the husband being cuckolded, not the other man. I don't know why I love this fantasy so much but I have *** countless times to it. The fantasy of being with a woman who wants other men's ***** more than she wants mine is extremely erotic to me.

I have told my wife about all this and we have even *** to the fantasy of it many times. She has come around to the idea over time but for some reason I never actually thought that she would act upon it in reality. I figured she was just trying to keep me excited while we played.

Well, that all changed about three years ago while we were still engaged. I met a tall, ripped, and very handsome amateur boxer named John who had slept with a few female coworkers of mine. According to them John had a beautiful and very long, thick penis that he knew exactly what to do with. As soon as I heard them talking about it the first thing on my mind was my wife (fiance at the time) taking his ****. I became friends with John easily and got to know more about him to see if he would even be open to the idea of ******* my wife or if he would just get freaked out and try to knock me out or something for being a pervert. I never actually asked him the question but I talked about how sexy my wife was quite a bit.

Then one night a very sexy coworker of mine texted me asking if I wanted to grab drinks with her so that she wouldn't be the "third wheel." I knew she was highly attracted to me but I was very bored, my fiance worked nights, and I was alone. So I asked Wendy who else would be there. It turned out that it was going to be John, a gorgeous woman named Stacy, Wendy, and me. I thought what the hell and said yes. We went out for a fun night of bar hopping. I came to find out that they were all very free spirited people and I got to make out with both Wendy and Stacy throughout the night. They also both had their turn making out with John. I had no emotional attachment to either woman so it didn't make me jealous or bother me at all. It was clear that Stacy was more interested in John but Wendy was more interested in me. We were all hot young and sexy and I was having a lot of fun. All eyes were on the four of us the entire night. In the end though, I drank way more than I probably should have and we all ended up back at Wendy's house sipping on more drinks making drunken small talk.

Then it happened. Right there in the living room, Stacy began kissing John and Wendy began kissing me while rubbing my **** through my pants. I was enjoying the experience but due to my alcohol consumption (not to mention the fact that I had already heard that the other man in the room was extremely well endowed) I was having a very difficult time getting an erection going. As much as I am okay with my size when hard, I am most definitely a grower not a shower. I was painfully aware of this and was consciously trying to get a hard on through sheer will-power, but to no avail.

That's when I looked over at John and Stacy to see her topless, unzipping his pants only to pull out the biggest, stiffest penis I've ever seen in person. I had never seen a hard **** outside of **** other than my own. This thing was huge! Yet it had perfect proportions. Even his balls were huge and smooth and impressive. The whole package just looked... strong. I think Stacy, Wendy, and I all just stopped what we were doing and stared at it for at least ten seconds before we realized we were mesmerized and snapped out of it.

Stacy dropped to her knees before John and began blowing him like a woman possessed. This got Wendy very excited and she forcefully unzipped my pants while making out with me and pulled them down. I was still soft as bubblegum but I was hoping that once she started playing with it the stimulation would get me hard. Then she looked at it. When I am soft I am definitely small and I bear a strong resemblance to the statue of David. She tried to mask it but just looked so disappointed. For the first time ever I felt embarrassed about my size. John and Stacy also glanced over and saw it but instantly looked away.

Like the sweetheart that she was, Wendy took my soft **** into her mouth and began sucking on it, really making an effort to get it up. She was beautiful and yet I still couldn't muster even a hint of an erection. I was too drunk, too hyper-conscious of the huge throbbing **** on John. I was simultaneously feeling a lot of guilt because I was now crossing the line of cheating on my wife, even though we weren't married yet at the time. I get very aroused at the idea of my wife ******* other men, but I have absolutely no interest in cheating on her when it comes down to it. I didn't even know for sure if I could get hard for another woman, even though the situation itself was very exciting.

I pulled Wendy up after a short time and she sat next to me in nothing but her panties. She continued to kiss my neck and stroke my balls and soft penis but she kept stealing glances at the scene on the other couch. Stacy placed a condom on John and straddled him. Slowly, she lowered her ***** down on his thick **** and began working him deeper and deeper inside of her. He was easily nine inches, maybe more.

Wendy watched, mesmerized as each inch disappeared into Stacy's clean shaven *****.

By this time I was desperately stroking my own stubbornly flaccid **** while Wendy rubbed my balls and rubbed herself under her panties with her other hand, not even bothering to take her eyes off of Stacy and John anymore. After a few minutes of this, Stacy hopped off and dropped down to gobble on John's big, full balls while he stroked his enormous shaft.

Then she took off the condom and beckoned Wendy over. "Wendy, you HAVE to try this ****!" she said. Wendy liked me a lot and didn't move from her place next to me, but I could tell she was dying to go over to them.

"Wendy, LOOK at it. I want to see you suck this," Stacy said in a surprisingly dominant tone.

I could tell that Wendy badly wanted to do it and so I whispered in her her to go ahead. She asked me if I was sure and I nodded. She smiled and gave my balls one last squeeze before standing up and walking over to John and Stacy.

"You want to see me suck this?" Wendy asked in a husky, almost breathless tone.

"I want to see you suck this. And then I want to watch you ride it." Stacy replied.

And so she did. I stayed in my spot on the other couch and watched the two women work together blowing this stud while I simply sat and watched. It was a lot like watching a really hot **** threeway only it was live and less than ten feet away. Then, with Stacy's encouragement, Wendy straddled John reverse cowgirl while he rolled another Magnum condom onto his rod. Stacy held the head against the opening of Wendy's ***** and she slowly slid down onto it. She moaned the most erotic moan of pure pleasure. I couldn't look away if I'd wanted to. I did notice Stacy giving me a sideways smirk while she looked pointedly at my penis, but I tried to ignore it.

Wendy was extremely fit and began feverishly riding his pole while Stacy cupped and rubbed his balls. After a few moments she leaned in and sucked on his balls one at a time. One of his testicles was probably equal to the size of both of mine, and they really filled up her pretty little mouth. I began to feel the first hints of an erection growing between my legs while I watched the three of them, which got me pretty excited.
Without warning, Stacy tongued her way up John's shaft and began licking Wendy's ****. I'm fairly certain Wendy had never done anything with another woman before but she was ******* too hard to care.

This got me even more excited. I was stroking my **** steadily and in spite of the alcohol I was nearly at full mast. No one else noticed that I was finally getting erect. I knew I would have to get in on the action soon if I wanted to maintain my hard on so on impulse I got up and went over to the three of them and knelt down behind Stacy. I ran my fingers down her back and when she didn't react I caressed her perfectly formed ***. She continued to alternate between sucking balls and licking **** and I moved my fingers down to very lightly touch her *****.

Only then did she react to my touch. Stacy turned her head to face me and simply said, "Uh uh."

Surprised, I pulled my hand away while she stared at me. Then she went back to what she was doing like nothing had happened. I hovered there for a minute, really not sure what to do. Her reaction had my **** going soft again so I decided to go back to my place on the other couch and just watch. After a bit, Wendy couldn't take anymore and had to hop off of John's rock hard shaft. Immediately, Stacy yanked off the condom and Wendy took him into her mouth again, slurping on his **** like there was no tomorrow.

At this point I was beginning to sober up and feel very self conscious about the fact that I wasn't with my fiance. I decided it would be best if I simply left quietly. I stood up to go and quietly moved past the three of them toward my jacket and the door. Only then did Wendy seem to remember that I was in the room.

"Wait, where are you going?" she asked me with the head of his **** centimeters in front of her lips.

"Don't worry about me, you guys have fun. I drank too much and should be getting home," I said before moving into the front hallway. Calling for me to wait, Wendy hopped up naked and chased me to the doorway. She then started passionately kissing me and whispering that we could still have fun. Her kisses tasted like balls. Her breath smelled like ****. I kissed her back, hard, our tongues intertwined. We stood there making out for two straight minutes. Then I left.

I took a cab home and laid on my bed, going over the nights events in my mind. As I lay there alone, my **** swelled to a very full and steel-hard erection. I jerked it while I pictured the way Wendy and Stacy had worshiped that massive **** while ignoring me. Then I imagined one of them being my wife. I came HARD and in record time, then fell asleep.

A couple months later I asked John if we could meet for a beer and talk about a few things. I told him I don't feel awkward at all about what had happened; I just drank too much and it was no big deal. We agreed to meet and ended up at a quiet bar sitting across from each other in a booth. There really was no awkwardness between us so I figured he must not know about how I had kissed Wendy right before I left, or maybe he just didn't care. After a bunch of conversation we finally got to the topic of our night with Wendy and Stacy (or, more accurately, HIS night with them).

I lied and told him that my fiance knew what had happened but was okay with it. I also told him that I had described him to her and that she seemed really interested. I told him that if we played it right she might even let him **** her, and that as long as there were no emotions involved. He asked to see pictures of her and so I brought up her Facebook page and let him scroll through. After a few minutes he said that as long as I was sure, he definitely wanted to have sex with my fiance.

I later set up a yahoo messenger account for him and told him to only communicate with her using it. I told him it would keep him anonymous in case she freaked out but really I did it because this way I could monitor the conversation since I knew the password to the account.

Then I got them talking. I told her I was okay with it and wanted her to have fun. She was nervous about it at first but eventually John sent her some pictures of his huge **** and her inhibitions seemed to melt away. She was no longer nervous about it at all other than asking me about once a day if I was sure I was okay with it. John had to go out of town for a few weeks but they continued to talk everyday with my blessing and even encouragement.

It was around this time that she told me about an ex she had who had had a much, much bigger **** than I do. She said she missed the feeling of being ****** by such a big one and was really excited for John to come back to town and give her what she craved. I was extremely anxious and felt horny for her 24/7.

We picked a day for John to come over and he told her that I could watch him **** her if she wanted. She said that sounded amazing. I was so excited. I was really going to have my wife get ****** by a bigger ****, and not only that but I got to watch!
I got more and more excited but also nervous as the day drew closer.

Then the day finally arrived. She got all dolled up and looking incredibly sexy. She seemed really excited and awash with anticipation. John the wrote and said he was running behind and would get to our house almost two hours later than expected. She was fine with waiting a little longer but the anticipation was killing us. I thought I might explode in my pants.

Then I made a mistake. I decided to rub one out quickly to calm my nerves and allow me to really enjoy the experience. I went in the bathroom and started rubbing myself, thinking about what was about to happen. I quickly orgasmed harder than I ever had from ************ before.

Then the PEGS hit me.

I suffer severely from Post Ejaculatory Guilt Syndrome, or PEGS. I will let you Google it rather than fully go into it but basically it gives me overwhelming feelings of extreme dread, self loathing, disgust, anxiety right after I have an ******. It doesn't happen every time but when it does, it's bad. So after I came I suddenly felt like I was making a terrible mistake and that letting John have sex with my future wife was sick. I felt that I absolutely had to stop it. I wrote John and told him I was calling it off.

I then went to my fiance and told her I couldn't go through with it. She seemed very disappointed and asked for an explanation but I was unable to come up with anything concrete. I never saw John, Wendy, or Stacy again.

The next day I was filled with regret for not going through with it. I was right on the cusp of fulfilling my fantasy and I blew it. My fiance had been yearning for a big **** and I dangled it in front of her just to take it away.

Since then, we have gotten married, changed cities, and led a very successful and promising life together. But I can't get my fantasy of being cuckolded out of my head, even though it makes me really nervous to try it for real. I guess that is part of what makes it hot though, right? I don't know for sure because I have never met anyone that was a real cuckold and talked to them about it.

She had some minor health problems right at the time we got married and sadly our sex life dwindled off quite a bit even though we had finally fulfilled my dream and tied the knot. She is perfectly healthy now but for some reason our sex life never truly recovered. I still love hearing about her ex-lover she was with before she met me and how much better he ****** her than I ever could. We do talk about it quite a bit, even while I am ******* off. I ********** just about every day thinking about it. When we do ****, I can tell that I am not satisfying her the way I used to the first couple of years we were together. I can tell she is imagining being ****** by someone else. While we have sex she even brings up the idea of ******* another man with a better **** without me even asking. Sometimes I even have to ask her to stop talking so that I can focus on ******* her.

The point is, I can see that she desperately wants to be taken and ****** by someone other than me. That gives me a whole mixture of emotions and feelings.

On one hand it makes me extremely excited and horny because as a fantasy I find it unbelievably erotic. I imagine the way she will *** on his big **** and how she will tell me all about it afterwards while we **** like crazed rabbits. I even imagine eating her ***** after it has been filled with a load of *** while she sits on my face, or maybe even having me lick her while her lover ***** her. It all turns me on like crazy. Even knowing she wants sex with another man more than she wants it with me makes me feel enormously aroused. I have told her that it would be extremely hot if she got a **** buddy/boyfriend to **** her on a regular basis the way only a guy with a truly big **** can. The way she wants to be ******. The way my **** can't seem to accomplish. She liked the idea.

On the other hand, there is the anxiety and trepidation of making it from a fantasy into a reality. Once another man ***** your wife, there is no going back. You are now a cuckold. As a husband you have completely lost any sexual power or dominance that you might have had before. That sexual dominance might have been one of the main things that excited her about you sexually. Especially if she doesn't find you equipment completely satisfying the way she once did. It's an intimidating prospect.

My main fear is going down this path and having it somehow ruin my marriage. Or that she will realize how much she enjoys it and start ******* guys here and there without my knowledge. It feels like an extremely slippery slope.
My second biggest fear is not going down this path and regretting forever that we didn't at least try it.

I guess I will find out next weekend. Which brings me to the present, and the whole reason I'm writing all of this down for the first time ever.

I was recently on a ski trip up north and was away from home for a week. My wife doesn't ski so she traveled back to the city we lived in previously to visit with friends. I didn't jerk of for several days because I was skiing so much. When I don't *** for a while, my fantasies of being cuckolded become overwhelming. I think about my wife ******* someone else all day until I can finally look at cuckold **** and furiously jerk off. The ******* are almost tantric. Only problem was I had no opportunity to actually get off.

So I started texting my wife. I asked her how her trip was going and asked her if any guys had hit on her yet. Of course they had, but like always, she didn't act on it. She was happy to tell me about it though, as she knows it makes me want her even more.

Then I got an idea. Wouldn't it be fun for her to download Tinder since she wasn't anywhere near home? I suggested it to her and she decided to go ahead and do it. She was very picky about who she swiped right but she immediately had a bunch of matches anyway. She even got messaged by a guy named Nick that wanted to meet her out the last night she was going to be in town. She said yes. I was so nervous. I was hundreds of miles from her and she was possibly going to meet a guy from a hook-up app.

I looked at my phone every 10 seconds while she was out, waiting for updates. She ended up not being able to meet him that night due to the friends she was out with, but he wrote her late in the night and said he still wanted to see her. She thought about staying an extra night just to be able to do it. She didn't stay, but she did continue to talk to him.

He is 6'6" tall, a former marine, and has **** that is much bigger than mine. My wife told me she wants to **** him really bad. He doesn't know that she is married. She has sent him nude pictures but she took off her wedding rings for them. He has sent her pictures of him naked and of his ****, which she showed me. It makes mine look like the penis of a boy.

She has set up a time to meet with him in a city halfway between our home and his, and is extremely excited to finally **** someone other than me after all these years. I am going with her but she doesn't want him to know that she is married or that I am in town and doesn't want me to interfere in any way. She also said she will probably spend the whole night with him.

This is really going to happen and I am extremely nervous yet excited. I'm about to become a true cuckold, just like I have fantasized about for so long.

It is supposed to happen the night of March 7th... I will update this after if there is any interest, but in the meantime constructive feedback/discussion would be greatly appreciated and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, as long as you have read my whole story.

Sounds like you have a very sexy wife. So what happened? You should post a story on your page - and add some photos of your wife so people have a sense of what happens in the story!

Would love to discuss. Been started for a few years, but having a hard time

It feels odd to me where I am at now.

My first wife and my childhood sweetheart got married and we.started off.swinging but drifted towards cuckolding and ended with her passing. So I would consider the cuckolding part of that successful.

But in every relationship afterwards, the thought never entered my head. I think I knew deep down the relationships would not have been secure enough.

Now with this gf who I am madly in love with and planning to marry, and I know she loves me more than I've ever been loved before. Our sex talk has taken this turn. And i know it was my doing.

I know she has no desire to actually do this and is only playing along for my fun, but I cannot help but to wonder how far I will guide her along this path and if I should be guiding her along this path at all.

To a certain extent it all depends on what you have to have. My problem was that once I had experienced this eroticism I could not permanently do without it.

I tried and did go for several years. But the draw kept coming back. Without even realizing it I was pointing gf's and my second wife in that direction.

So the question is, can you commit to NEVER again. If not, you say she really loves you. I suggest you let her know what is coming. Otherwise this is going to lie in wait and a couple years from now you will be pressuring her to do it.