Somebody to Love

I've always fallen in love too easily and usually with the wrong girls. I get scared to show my true feelings for people now and I don't trust what other people say about their feelings towards me any more. There's too many women out there who seem happy to take and think that being loved is all they need t do in a relationship.

I'd love to meet someone who i could love and actually feel loved in return

Rodin Rodin
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

i have nobody in my life i am 29 years old not married yet no kids because i am poor that is why nobody choose to accept me with happiness because of my financial condition

It saddens me to hear that you need to hold back because of past experience. I once thought the same about men. Than I learned if I hold back...I am actually the one losing out. Everything in life is an experience and I think we need to learn to embrace our experience good or bad. Take with you the good and grow from there. Just the positive aura you give off well attract a better environment for you. I hope you well be able to just open your heart...There are so many deserving women out there waiting for an exceptional individual like yourself. Be true to yourself!