The Give and Take

What I find terribly amazing, is how many people in this world are incapable of recieving love. 

Love is a two way street, giving and taking, and you cannot have one without the other.  I find it so ironic that when I love a man, I give him everything I have inside myself.  And for some reason or at least it seems, they only take what I have to offer.  They don't give of themselves to me.  They don't replenish what I give to them.  But they time they realize that I am the woman they deeply love, I have gone too long without being loved back.  And I don't have anything left.  They have gone years with everything I have given, yet never once did it occur to them to give me love back.  And it usually takes them a year or two to really realize that I have stopped giving of myself.  They know something is different, or wrong, but they can't put thier finger on it, cause I've always been at their disposal.   And I can see the days clearly when they have come to me and said, "why have you changed?  why don't you touch me anymore?  why don't you want me anymore?"  And I look at them, and I say....

How long has it been?  How long have you been without me, and only now you are noticing?  how long as it been since you wrapped your arms around me to tell me that you love me?  that you desire me?  that I have been the object of  your affection?  the funny thing is...   they never have an answer for me.  Cause that is when they realize, they never have. 

So now, it's my desire, to find a man, who knows the delicate balance of loving someone other than himself, as well as letting himself be loved by a woman who truly knows how to love.  A man like that seems to be a rare find, but once I find him, he will be a very lucky man indeed. 

GoddessDevine GoddessDevine
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Very positive attitude...its contagious. I am glad you have never given up. There is that special someone out there just waiting to embrace you and love you the way you so deserve.

What a wonderfully poetic story. , thank you so much!