No More Mil..she Is Free

Hurray!  Lunnas, you deserve a big party to celebrate your pretty new house. I think you have been through enough. I hope love and happiness keeps your family smiling, forever, together.  I better go get the chips and dips..chicken wings? OH, I'm so excited!

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you e p family are the greatest


I love flowers in the yard! Plant me something PINK! What fun to begin your new life ..full of sunny flowers.

iam just sooooo happpyyyyy about our house!!! iam counting the days 10 more days left to move in our house!!!! no more drama from mother in law!!! just love and peace and joy!!!!! and flowers just flowers iris's planted every where iam going to post more pics of our home

ty all so much for all your love and support E P FAMILY are #1!!!

yeah lunnas i am happy for you!!

I am so happy for you .

i am really happy for you

way to go!!!! good luck happy new year and happy house!

ohhh donald can fire up the grill! yeah its winter but its a party

sure we will have pizza chips <br />
chicken wings!!!!

Can I come over to help you paint? I love giving walls a fresh coat.

yeah we will keep the party going we should be albe to move in in 2 weeks !!! got to paint the kitchen and new carpet

I'm coming back tomorrow and we can have a bar B Q..nighty night!

the kitties are dancing tooo yeah! party like its 1999

Yeah, let's don't wake up ..she who cannot be named...Wait till tomorrow when our friends are online. Be doin the funky chicken and congo line..da da da da da DUH! Smack that candy thing hangin from the ceiling!

time to do group singing.Glory glory hallujah! Free at last free at last..thank God I'm free at last..pass the pizza. Back to loud singing..

you just wiggle go owl! i'll giggle an jiggle

I can't dance, but I can wiggle to the Music... :O)

You know how to tell the difference between a Dead Skunk and a dead MIL in the middle of the Road?<br />
<br />
There's Skid marks just before the Skunk...

Donald, I may have to have a spin on the dance floor..I'm a bit rusty but willing to kick up a bitO'dust!

<br />

omg!!! donalddd ur so bad!!! thats why i love u so much!!!

You know how to tell the difference between a Dead Skunk and a dead MIL in the middle of the Road?<br />
<br />
There's Skid marks just before the Skunk...

yeaah pj are in this party!!! lets get her started!

Jump in ladee, let's get the party started..Oh, you can wear your PJ's too..or a fancy dress with big bows on it! Swing your partner Donald!

ive got the wine and salt glassesss

There once was a Mother In Law<br />
Who had a very big Flaw<br />
She'd harass me all Day<br />
get over it she'd say<br />
and deny she'd done anything wrong

Don't forget the Salt, LOL!

kitties gone wild hun get the cam corder! we will post it on utube!

oh yes dont forget the mother in law jokes !!!

We need some mother in law jokes..I have the salt..well it was here a minute ago...humm.I'll bring cat nip. Kitties gone WILD!!

Don't forget the Salt, LOL!

the cats are free tooo they get to come out of the bedroom . the poor babys they have been suffering too dont forget the gifts for the kitties!

You get the Wine, I want some Ice Cold Margaritas!

everyone thats my husband don"" kentuckyranger" "" hurtatwork " love you hun gona carry me in the door! its ok i'll carry u . u got a bad back its a party!!!!

FREE AT LAST!!!!! ive got the wine

Ultra HOT Chicken Wings, Ruffles and French Onion Dip, Yee Haww!<br />
<br />
Thanks for all the support you've given my Wife during this very difficult time.