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Miley's Secret

Miley's Secret. 
Miley Cyrus. 

Miley Cyrus had it all, the glitz, the glam, the fashion. She had popularity, fame, money, friends. Almost everyone wanted to know what Miley Cyrus was doing, or what she was wearing. But Miley had something else that most people don't. A secret that even the media would never find out just by looking at her. Miley Cyrus had a wedgie fetish. She loved them, she loved to get alone time with no cameras around her. That was the time when she would drop her pants and yank her underwear up her back. She loved the pain and pleasure that came from them. No one knew of Miley's secret and she hoped to keep it that way. 

One early Saturday morning around 6:00 A.M. Miley was in the set of her new music video Yank. Moons else was around and the cameras didn't start rolling until 8:00 A.M. Miley walked to her dressing room, happy for the free time. She walked into the small area wearing a pair of tight grey sweatpants and a loose white t-shirt. She took her shirt off reveling her white sports bra. She reached her hands down the back of her sweatpants and grabbed a pair of solid green panties. She began to pull the underwear up her back, then she grabbed the leg-holes and pulled her arms through them until the leg-holes were resting on her shoulders in Miley's favorite wedgie ever, the shoulder wedgie.  Miley turned around as her door knob began to turn. Why hadn't she locked it? Suddenly one of the cameramen walked in with a clipboard. He looked at Miley and his jaw dropped. Before he could say anything Miley grabbed him and forced him into the room, she closed the door and locked it. 
"Alright, before you say anything, please don't tell anyone about this, I'll do anything." Miley begged, mentally slapping her self for adding the last part. The cameraman gathered his wits and starred at the singer. 
"No problem, but only if you become my slave." The cameraman said, smiling as Miley's jaw dropped. 
"Why should I? No one would believe you in the first place." Miley argued. 
"No, but they would believe the secret cameras put all around this room." The cameraman said back, he had won. 

The next day Miley and the Ryan, the cameraman, were in a supply closet. Ryan was sitting down on a chair while Miley was in front of him, giving her self sow and seductive wedgies to satisfy the man. And satisfied he was, this was only the beginning. 
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me want more

continue the story now

yeah go futer i love it

Hell yeah continue!


I like the end the best. Please continue it.

If u don't I'll kill u


More plz

God more

yes plz

more more more more more more more

plz continue, ILL DO ANYTHING

Hell yeah continue!