I Want To Help Children In My Community To Achieve Their Dreams, Through Education.

I am from Papua New Guinea (fyi- its located in the South pacific the island nation located directly above Australia)and we are a third well country so you could imagine the state of our education system. I won’t say it’s worse however it is universal and affordable and is a priority area being funded by the government and other donor agencies but these funds a poorly managed in providing quality education, the standards are pretty much lower than average, as there is overcrowding in class rooms, qualified teacher’s shortages in addition most of half the teaching men and women power are incompetent being some of the reasons as to why children even though go to school to get an education in terms of reading and written aren’t even equip to suit the work force of the changing environment. Records have proven that we have a high rate of illiteracy especially among the women and girls population.
As a proud and an intellectual citizen I feel I can’t sit and blame the government and other parties involved that have been vested with the duty to ensure that all Papua New Guinea citizens have access to better education.
I’ve decided to set up a study group for school aged kids children in my area as I’ve seen kids grow up in broken homes and abusive families in the settlement who go to school but do not concentrate and end up back on the streets causing social problems, like wise for kids who grow up in the settlement but from good families however their parents do not view education as important so they lack the drive and encouragement to strive at school and also drop out of school.
That is why I want to create a group that helps them strive in school, that encourage them that education is better alternative for earning or making a better life.
I have started by giving free tutorial class for kids in year 8 , 10 and some 12..... During the weekend using our local church community hall.
I want to bring hope in to their lives, reminding them that there are people who care and are willing to help. I feel that it will only take a Papua New Guinean to know how to help another Papua New Guineans.
But I haven’t encountered anything as yet apart from tutorial materials, it’s just that I need ideas of how to keep them interested, so their interest in school is not easily washed off or lost.
Any idea or help will be greatly appreciated as it will go a long way in helping in developing and making dreams come true.
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good luck! Its all a matter of distract barrier everywhere! Not that the kids are not interested in school life! But they have their focus dispersed over other things they care more about or enjoy more! Like hunger for food that makes efforts pointless, there is other human nature hungers that you have to spot and spy the kid's real thoughts to have a grib over!
A suggestion and just a suggestion: try "play and discover" or fun tricks to reatract there interest into knowledge! Again..good luck!

ps.. Dont say "fangs", it stands up my body finest hairs lol
thanks for not saying fangs! :o