Caught By My Aunt

I had received enemas growing up but the ones mom gave me were quick with no frills if you know my meaning.  However, I would go to see my Aunt a couple of days a week to do odd jobs and keep things up for her.  She was never married, and was a nurse.  At about age 16 I discovered her panties in the bathroom floor one day right after mowing, and since she was gone, I took one sniff and was hooked.  This continued for several months and I got careless, and was caught while ************ with a pair of them.  Apparently she had known for some time and I actually had my eyes closed at the time, just picturing what she would look like.

I still remember "well, well, well...what do we have here?" and I froze.  She was standing in the doorway grinning at me as she finally spoke.  I see my nephew is a little pervert, isn't he?  Then I got the real shock when she said......"oh finish this, because I want to see exactly what you do."  It took me several minutes to get it back up and continue, and finally I unloaded in the panties.  She folded her arms and asked..."what should I do with you?" as I was already shaking like a leaf.  She told me that since I was so good to her, she would make a "deal" with me to keep this quiet from my parents.  Since I didn't really have a choice, I agreed.  She came over and closed the toilet lid and sat down and patted her lap....."allright young man, time for your spanking, and then we'll get on with the rest of the deal.  What surprised me was that I was already hard again, and when I was pulled across her lap, my penis went right between her thighs.  The feeling was hard to describe, and I am still hooked on nylons and the traditional nurse outfits, and particularly white stockings. 

The spanking lasted about 10 minutes and I was afraid that I would *** right on her lap from the friction of her stockings on my penis, but she knew exactly when to stop.  She had me stand beside the sink as she took down a large plastic box and opened it.  She began to tak out enema bags, nozzles, and all sorts of toys and accessories.  I quickly realized that most of the toys were what she personally used, as she began to fill up a traditional red enema bag and added some Ivory Soap to it.  She quickly attached a solid black curved nozzle which was actually a douche nozzle but it also doubled as an enema nozzle at my house as well.  She took my arm and grinned at my erection and pulled me back across her lap, as I felt her finger work vasaline into my bottom as I groaned.  She was different about this as compared to mom, because she took quite a bit of time to do this, and ran here finger all the way into my bottom.  Three or four minutes of this was heaven for me.  Then I felt the nozzle enter me as she slapped my bottom "you will visit me at least twice a week for a spanking and a series of enemas young man, and any ejaculations from now on, will be done by me."  She would give her enemas very slow...sometimes moving the nozzle in and out a little, and always letting the fingers of her other hand gently rub the back of my balls and penis.  On that first day, I exploded right on her lap, before I got half of my first enema.  She just patted my bottom and laughed, as she told me that I needed to work on controlling that.

After a few months of this, she would usually dispense of the uniform and do this with a bra, stockings and garter belt, and usually no panties.  If she was in a good mood, the sessions were relaxed and sensual.  But if she'd had a long day or a bad day, the spanking would be much harder, and I would have to hold the enemas longer than normal.  Sometimes she would gently slide a hand up and down my penis as she would ask me about why I liked dirty panties so much and tell me that only nasty boys did things like this, so they had to be punished. 

After almost a year of this, she unwrapped a new "toy" as she called them, which was a butt plug.  She told me that from now on, this would be inserted to make me hold the enema until she decided was long she continued, you have serviced your Auntie as she requires.  I found out in a few minutes, after the butt plug had been forced into me....and it really hurt for the first few times, that "service" was for me to eat her *****.  I didn't realize it until later, but she would always ********** herself, after sending me home.  So there I was, on my knees holding a two quart enema, as she just opened her legs and said "begin."  At first I didn't like this at all, but that changed quickly.  My aunt was multi-orgasmic and would almost smother me when she would ***, pulling my face into her spasming ***** and *******.

This continued until I was 28 years old and she suddenly passed away from a heart attack.  After a couple of years, she came into the bathroom and handed me a package of condoms, asking if I knew what these were for.  I did, and she told me that I was old enough to service her the way a man should service a lady.  She took my virginity  and I found out that she also liked to be butt ******.  For that, I didn't have to use a condom and she almost turned into an animal when this was done.  Occasionally, she would have me give her an enema, and even let me spank her, which I adored doing.  The female bottom is the most beautiful thing ever created, at least to me.  I realize what we did was ******, but I have no regrets, because she taught me everything there was about women and what men and women both needed.  There was only a few times that anyone else was involved, and this was another nurse friend of hers that she worked with.  This nurse gave enemas not only to her husband, but also to her son, who was in a situation nearly like mine.  The real turn on for me was that this other nurse was black, and very attractive as was my aunt as well.

I gradually switched to giving as well as taking enemas to the few people I could find, some of them quite accidentally.  I have met numerous ladies that love them, but are embarassed about them.  One older lady (71 years old) wanted to be a little girl or even a baby and be used, corrected, spanked, diapered and given enemas.  I would see her every couple of months or so. 

I would like to hear from other people, particularly ladies that might have had similar experience along the lines of enemas, and I guarantee that everything will remain strictly confidential.
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Feb 28, 2012