My Husband Wants Me To Pull His Balls Off But I'd Rather Chop Is Penis Off!

My husband is no sissy - infact, he is a bit off a hunk but I still want to chop his errect **** off!

This fantasy or "urge" started bacause I like a little pain during sex. After years of my hubby being the dominant sex partner and with me being on the receiving end of a frequent spanking and having my nipples piched and almost pulled off, he dropped the bombshell that he wanted me to do stuff to him too! He told me that he wanted me to "work" on his balls and that his fantasy is to be castrated by having them pulled off!

I've become more and more into being the dominant partner and enjoy watchng him squirm with pain, as I try to pull his balls off. When he beggs me to stop, I tell him that I will stop, if he let's me chop his penis off instead. What he doesn't know is how much the thought off chopping it off turns me on! I somtimes threaten to chop it off with a butchers knife but that is not how I want to do it. I imagine him standing upright, strapped to stocks of some sort, with his errectpenis through a hole, his balls being stretched and with some sort of chopping knife that I can slam down and cut his penis off cleanly and quickly.
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Please can you cut off my penis and balls I will pay £100 if you cut off my ****

Mmmmm cut my big **** off. and my big balls

And mine...

Make it a romantic dinner.

Please finish the story with, as meat4urfeet asked, an accont of what you did with your husband's severed ****; for example you sliced off the head, cut it in half, and you and a friend ate each side raw--like sushi. The shaft was then sauteed in butter, sliced, and each section relished on a flavored toothpick.

awesome, that got me so hard. you could just cut it off without his permission... the only hurdle would be how would you have sex afterwards, unless you make him a cuckold as well.

Wow, that's so sick......then why is my **** so hard? If I could hear you say those words in your own voice, I might *** in my pants!

Does it make your ***** wet to think about cutting off a man's penis?

what i wouldn't give to be him and lose my penis to you!

Maybe you can practice on me :) I would love to have my penis cut off. And you can keep it to show him what you did

Your husband really lucky to have you. Whatever you do be carefully. I've triied to get my ex-wife to cut mine off but she's to scared, but I really actualy need it anyway for when I go for my SRS.

i think you should pratice on my **** pull it out as far as you can and then slowly cut it off mmmm

That's funny, cause I don't know if slow would be better, so you had time to change your mind, or if fast would be better so you could live the fantasy and not be able to back out...

Once tied there's no backing out. Take all the time you like, 2 seconds, an hour, a day, a week….. Perhaps some foreplay without ******, genital torture, genital suspension…

Awesome story! I wish I can a girl to cut my penis off.

what will you do with my penis after i let u cut it off?

i would let you do that 2 me it would be a big turn on for me if you choped off my penis. or you could hammer a nail through the center of my penis head in to a wood block strech it out and cut it off at the ba<x>se with a knife.if you realy want 2 let me know my **** only gets me in trouble anyway i have a foot fetish and girls in flipflops have my **** hard all day i can never consintrate. i would be happy 2 let you slice off my penis. do you want to do it fast and cut my whole **** of in one piece or slow with a fork and knife and slice it off in little chunks like you chop a hotdog up when you add it 2 beans and franks

Sorry, just wow. Um, I think the fantasy is about her hubby and her... You might have just made her rethink her fantay in the first place... That really sounded disgusting...

my be you should cut off some elses **** or balls frist then see if he is so keen

Nice fantasy...My hubby too sometimes tells me of his similar fantasy....Does ur hubby really ready to get his **** chopped off...? It may be a great turn on for you....Love to know the progress further....

very hot, but keep it as a game. why not get a blunt knife ready (take the edge off with a file or grinder beforehand) tie up your husband, then go to the kitchen for the knife, run the blade around the ba<x>se of his erect **** whilst telling him it's coming off just as soon as he starts to *** !

That is very hot. How does he feels about it. Do you think you might do it for real?

I wish my wife would chop off my erect ****. I want her to do it so bad, but she won't give up sex for the rest of her life...

Then you will have no choice but to cuckold him and make him watch and clean you both with his tongue. My opinion is a woman should be satisfied often even if she is with others, It is a female's right to be with whomever she pleases for she holds the goods and should dangle and tease them in front of us lowly men for her amusement!

Use a real hot knife as that will cauterize the cut and stop 90% of the bleeding, plus cause a bigger scab and heal faster.