Please Remove My ****

For the last several years I finally come to the realization that I am a "pantie" boy and love to wear female clothing. You could say that I am a crossdresser, but a crossdresser, to me at least, is a person who periodically dresses up in women' clothing. What I like to do is wear female clothing because they make me feel more comfortable; it just feels right. Unfortunately I am a married man and I am married to a woman. I say unfortunately because I rather be with a man because I like sex with a man better; it took me a lot of years to realize this fact, but that is another story for another time. I crave to be with a man as a woman. I want to feel his **** inside me and feel him shoot his load deep into my abdomen. I do love when I get ****** in the *** and take a load there, but it still is not the same as taking it in a *****, ask any woman.

My fantasy and wish (boy do I wish it so) is to go on a trip with my wife to an exotic Asian location. When we get there she announces to me that she has arranged for complete sex change for me. It will feature the removal of my **** and balls and the construction of a ***** in its place, crudely stated.  What really makes this fantasy so hot is that there would be no preparation time (hormones or pre-lifestyle change).  The procedure would be a complete surprise, set up without my knowledge, a sort of "forced"  into "no return" womanhood. 

 I think the most exciting time would be when we return home from our so called vacation and I would have a real vagina.  It would be so wonderful to finally feel how is is to be mounted by a man and have his **** inside my "*****."  It will be fun going out with my wife and finding a man for each of us and have them *** in our *******.  We would be able to later create a "cream pie" eating party.

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2 Responses Sep 17, 2011

Exquisite, very hot story. Thanks for sharing.

This story lets the imagination run wild. It would be a thrill to have two holes to play with, or get played with.