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My Girl Friends Desire To See Me Without Balls

we are living together for the past 3 years...we had awesome sex and had all the fun..but from last 1 year she started dominating me...i am sissy inside..bisexual...and did cross dressing before i see her..but nowadays i again started, can say infact she asked me to

later she started calling other guys home and started having sex when i am in apartment..i get an huge erection and i *** only by seeing that

her fantasis are going more wild as now she needs me as her full time salve...and she started talking about castrare....but i think it will be more awesome if she cut my **** off completely but leaving my balls so i will be horny always.....i want to feel that..

i know she needs that inside..and i want to surprise her by going to a doctor together and get it done in front of her...she will keep my **** somewhere at home..freezed :)

we will get married after that...and i will be her slave till death
desireinc desireinc 26-30, T 1 Response Oct 30, 2012

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My wife always teases me about castrating me. She has a female doctor friend who she wants to do it while she watches. She has also enlisted a pretty young nurse friend to be there too. She says she would love to see my pleading as my balls are cut away. I know that this will not happen for ethical reasons but hearing them talk about it is so emasculating.

How i wish it could come true.