She Is Sweet

Therealwoman is so sweet and she is not afraid to speak her mind.  She has become my all night friend in recent weeks and I apreciate her witt, intelligence, and caring comments. Love ya girl so here is your fanclub.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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19 Responses Jul 23, 2008


Awww and you would certainly be one of those my dear friend.

*hugs Max and FG*<br />
We all rock!

TY Max for your comment.

thanks sweetie

*raises a glass to y'all*

Please sign me up for TheRealWomans fan club! She is s sweet and never forgets her friends :)

Yup Fungirl does.<br />
<br />
Hey EB: Galliano f'n rocks, but all I have is Merlot today.

So many groups, so little time. You have one, too?

She is precious. Now I am jealous that you never joined mine ebun lol

I'll join a fan club for her. She's a beautiful person who is always there with support. I'm gonna bring Galliano, though.


Dern can whales and crow live in peace and harmony together?

Shalom<br />

*tilts her chair back* Well, this fanclub will have mature content. Hello SBP!

OOOoooO!!! I wanna be in this wonderful fan club!

Certainly darling...Jager Hot dayum or Jack... You party with the hottest boys lol

****HUGS**** You rock girls. And thanks... *opens a bottle of Jack, Stoli and Jager*<br />
<br />

I hope a lot of -people show her love... she is too sweet for them not to do so