I just want to give up on so much, life, love, school, a future, on being happy. I just hate such a failure, so what's the point of going on. i can't seem to find a reason.
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Don´t give up, its always a way out of your situation, maybe you must only change your city, your friend´s, maybe also your country. For example a lot from Africa walk trough the desert 2050 miles take a very bad boot pass the middle sea for to come to Germany or other countries

Many times, many of us want to quit. For various reasons, we feel like failures. The thing to remember is that the journey is the goal, not today. All you have to do to succeed is to not quit!
There is no way to know what might be down the road, or around the corner, or a thousand other places. Things don't always have to be the way they are now. They can and do change. You can give them the chance o change, simply by not giving up.
I'm not just trying to tell you pat answers or telling you to only look through rose colored glasses. All you have to do is to keep trying. Try for you, try for your peace and your happiness. Please don't think I'm a Pollyannak with no real understanding of the impulse to just quit. I have suffered the s
ame, and am still in the throws of severe depression.. I have lost much....but I'm still trying to get "myself" back. It's a tough row to hoe but it's well worth it . in the end. YOU can have happiness...YOU can have love.....YOU can have peace.....but NOT if you just give up! Give yourself time, and kindness....and give yourself a break! You can do it....slowly, babysteps. Keep your head up and your heart open and ready to take it when it comes!!

Thanls for the inspiration

You have epitomized my feelings so well.

Hey, well wait a minute. We all want to give up. I think that we all are losers in our own way. But we move on, slowly but surely. I'm a complete failure at school. I haven't done well since middle school. I still ditch and am still a bad student from time to time. But I still want to be better. I believe in people, and that is what keeps me going. What keeps you going?

please dont give up on life, just take a lil break...there so much happiness in life...rguardless of the endless pain we sumtime encounter,iv been there,nevr had my family im pregnant for my boyfren and he rathr to go out and party with his friend,i mean nothing to him it hurts but im alive, i live for u my fren please, jus pick ur self up and move forward...ppl av it worst than u

"... rest if u must, but don't quit..."<br />
<br />
*some words from my friend when i was on final assignment at higher education, and she got it from someone else too :)*