I am totally exhausted of trying so hard to please everybody at work, working my guts out, giving my all, trying to get along with egotistical difficult people, taking the blame for being 'difficult' when they are the ones snapping at me first', being moaned at because I'm not perfect even though they aren't either, and working in a hypocritical 'pot calling kettle black' environment. How I wish more men would come and work in childcare to put an end to all the stupid bitchiness!
Tibicina Tibicina
41-45, F
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Thanks, Tinadragonfly.

I send you warm hugs Tibicina.

Thanks folks for your answers. Women as well as men abuse children, and Yes, I adore children so I don't want to give up working with them. But I do think I need a new job!

Sorry it sucks for you. Maybe its time for a change? Just a suggestion. {{{HUGS}}}

you could try working with learning dis,management a little crazy but clients are great really give you a lift.Men in child-care in UK at moment being frowned upon as they could abuse the little darlings but think that Male role models is very much lacking in some childrens lives.