Loosing Her Did It For Me . .

Honestly i've been wanting to give up for a long time now , everyone I love and care about is either dying or getting locked up . I just I can't handle it anymore , to me I try to keep everyone else strong while im falling apart right in front of them , but its like no one sees it . Like im invisible unless it has to do with them . I want to give up so bad . I have literally know one anymore except for my best friend but he's in jail so its not the same as it use to be . I had me precious baby girl on the way but even she got taken from me just 3 weeks ago , people say im strong and they don't see how I do it , but honestly every night I sit in my bed wanting to give up , trying to think of how I could just end this all . Im tired of pretending to be someone im not just to impress people who couldn't care less about me . And loosing my daughter was what did it for me , im giving up , on everything .
RIPJaylie RIPJaylie
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012