I Want to Give Up...

Life is so frustrating. Ive never wanted much from life... ive always tried to help other people... ive never really been selfish or greedy (infact if i wasnt so firey about the things i believed in id probably be a doormat. I mean i dont even get mad easily) But life constantly throws **** my way. The religious people say its god testing me, and the atheist just say im unlucky. Ive put up with alot... allloottt... and its never gotten me down but finally life hit me with the one thing i could not handle. so now im left with absolutely nothing except the aftermath of all those things that used to not bother me.

I just want to quit. To end it. Life makes no sense and is not fair. I always believed that we had so suffer in some way so thats why when ever something bad happened i would think "Well... atleast its not "that" so dont complain". I do nothing and bad things chase me. And now since "that" happened im becoming emotional and mentally f'd up. Im as skinny as a twig and addicted to over eating, im struggling not to fall back into the alchahol trap, i am completely alone and isolated and every day i cant stop thinking about my ex.


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I think after a certain amount of time it becomes apparent that time (Alone) is not going to do anything

I really feel for you, i put 'i just want to give up' in google just for a chance to find something that might make some sence (i think) and i found this place, and i read your letter. I feel the same. completely. <br />
There are people around me everyday but they dont see me, they dont know they dont understand. I dont know what to do. I had put my faith in time as a healer but its done nothing to help yet. <br />
I guess i just wanted to say i understand how you feel, sometimes i feel like i'm sinking and i dont know how to pull myself out. <br />
I'd like to think that we both will feel so much better if we give it time. x

Time is a healer that seems to be ignoring my appointments.....

Hang on in there my friend... I've had similar feelings. <br />
<br />
When people used to say to me 'time is a great healer' I used to want to punch them on the nose because, when you are in that moment th epoint is irrelevant and faintly insulting. However... I have found that this old cliche does have at least some truth in it regardless. It's no comfort I know but anyway hope you it works out...

Would you like to chat? <br />
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Also read the story I posted here. <a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/M-Still-Standing/692929" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/...</a><br />
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I am sorry that you are feeling the way you are feeling. I am not an Atheist so I won't tell you that you are unlucky. I do believe in God; however I won't tell you it is the lord testing you. I will sit and read what you type to me if you want someone to listen and to try to help you work through this tonight. Do not give up. I have been there. I will tell you my story if you want first and then we can go from there.