I Give Free Hugs To Anyone

Sometimes back I went to a place utterly helpless n hopeless. And there they Hugged me to their chests n told me "Keep coming back for more". And that saved my life . So today I will give out HUGs unconditionally and freely . I have hugged people unconditionally and that not only makes them feel welcome but it also improves my attitude,my thinking,my feelings and my life. So, If anyone needs a Hug please write on my board or msg me . As soon as I see it , usually in a day, I would love to Hug you . have a great day .Love n HUGs

domking domking
46-50, M
5 Responses Feb 15, 2010


(((((( BIG TIGHT HUGs)))) to you ALL .Love you.Thanks

{{Hugs}} to you. Thank You for the hugs domking.

And a BIG ((hug)) to you. I love giving and receiving hugs!! Thank you ;')