Want To Know More About You !

what is your favorite animal?describe it in 3 words!

 what is your favorite color?describe it in 3 words!

 what is your favorite body of water?describe it in 3 words!

 If you were stuck in a frosted cube how would you feel?describe it in 3 words!


tell me and i will tell you what it means!

claraella claraella
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Bear: Protective, Strong and Smart<br />
Green: Peaceful and new beginnings<br />
Pool Lake: tranquil, solitude, memories<br />
Feels like Canada!

horse : strong and beautiful<br />
<br />
green : eyes and hope<br />
<br />
pacific : foreign and powerful<br />
<br />
frozen and stuck<br />
<br />

I will message u if u message me your answers