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May I?

I promise I won't be rough. 

Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 22 Responses Sep 28, 2011

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hi if you can come to Oklahoma you can spank me I love it

Sweetheart..... you don't have to dare me. It would be my pleasure. :)


Not too soft please...

Yes please..., I dare you

as long as you're not rough i'd love a playful spanking on my naked bubble butt!!!

You can do to me whatever you want. I have a toy box you could explore too!

I love having friends like you. Would you allow me to take photographs too?? I promise it would be just for my personal viewing.

someone messge me i want a spanking

Message you? Just bring it here and drop 'em!!!! I will take care of the rest. :)

a little rough can be fun .....

:) Couldnt agree with you more.

Love to bare it for you! Please be gentle! Love this thigh high boots!

Gentle??? I want to give spankings!!!! Not a playful tap on the ***. If Im going to do it, I want to go for it.

As you wish! Ready when you are!

I am going to do something bad, just to give you reason to spank me.....

Thats not needed. Its not about me giving out punishment. I dont want to give out spankings out of anger. I just want to give it just because. Go ahead, unbuckle those trousers and drop 'em!!!

I see not gently but not rough somewhere in between, maybe that would be just right? would you use your bare hand on my bare bottom?

Yes, I could do that. Otherwise we can use other instruments.

OK it sounds like fun, maybe just for a day to see if we both like it, OK?

Oh I already know I like it.

OK when do you want to do this and where would we meet, do you live in NYC area?

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You would just spank gently, right? and would i get to spank you gently as well but i would like to just use my bare hand on your bare bottom just enough to make you feel sexy , is that alright with you?

I'm not sure gently would be the word I would use to describe how I would spank you. I wouldn't need to be spanked back to make me feel sexy.

ok im in baby.... but are you gunna tie me up after you undress me??.... and will you be dressed in a similar outfit as in pic?? guess you will show me how naughty ive been... wink

Questions, questions, questions. Show up and I take care of the rest. These spankings are for fun and pleasure not for punishment.

all fun!! was plan!! just wanted to play along...wink

It sure looks rough, but I'm ready!

It only stings for a bit and the redness goes away.....eventually. wink!

This has to be one of the greatest photos I have seen. How many whacks for an HD Copy for my wall?

None. I believe I found this pic in google images.

I just loved your story!

Thank you. I've had a lot of fun with it. :)

I would like to turn the tables on you. I would be rough ;)

Hmmmm....I have to think about that. Would you take advantage of my trust?

Yes I would. I would totally take advantage of your trust.

I don't mind a little bit of roughness here and there.....ONLY if its with someone I trust.

im in

Should I dare ask why they call you Nasty Nate??? :). Bend over sweetheart!!!!

Lets just say I deserve a good paddling

LOL, I'd love an erotic spanking from you so long as I could return the delightful favor. Whay a great activity to include in a session of sexual favors. :)

I guess I should say yes as its only fair if you allow me to spank you first.

So long as it's not rough and you kiss it better afterwards! Dx

Not only will I kiss it afterwards, I would love to spoon you. :)

Oh if you insist.. And you do insist don't you. Xx


If you dress like that you can be my m istress and spank me every time I make mistake!

That paddle sure looks like it could warm up my poor little naughty bare bottom in the hands of this determined lady.

Hmmm....bend over and let's see!!!! :)

And you promise you won't be "rough"

I won't be first!!!!! wink!

At first? I guess that means that by the time I am let off your lap, my bare bottom will be sore and red

How about I plant a few kisses on it to help you feel better?

I guess that would be OK. Provided I couls also "thank you " properly after you heat up my naughty bare bottom. (sorry I took 5 days to get back to you - Gee I guess that you's have to spank me for that too)

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