That Day

I want to go back to the day he was killed. I knew inside something was wrong and did not want to let him to go that afternoon. I told him i would see him tomorrow and that was the last time i seen him. I wish i could go back and make him come to my house or go somewhere else. He would be alive and maybe i would feel whole again.
thenewestdaughter thenewestdaughter
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I am just recently waking to the fact of how hurt i was and how much i turned myself off. Going to the school i did if this happened to most it would not have supprised me but he was not involved in any of it and for him to be shot 20 times just oppening his door.

i am very sad to read this my heart goes out to you its not your fault you had no idea what was to be i wish the youth would stay away from drugs.i feel bad for you the pain must be unbearableyou need a lot of time to heal . vinny