I want to go back
To our hideaway in the woods
To the sky being a comforting shade of gray with a slither of orange trying to escape
To walking the streets at midnight, pretending it didn't hurt
To hearing that curious voice, always asking why I choose to stay

I want to go back
To stare into the dark hearts that rested at the bottom of your golden eyes
To adoring your innocence, shameful that I tainted it
I want to go back to you making me feel that what was coffee could be caramel

I want to go back
To you calling me at 2 am from across the earth
Just to sing my demons to sleep
Knowing your the only one to calm the storm that raged within me
To tell you that I am sorry for passing the burden of my life onto your soft shoulders
To when you were a fly with a deep attraction to the electrocuting light
To tell you that I now know what it is to feel
The pain of loving something that is incapable of loving back
I wish I could have held your heart like you held mine
To admit that I slept with your picture next to me every night
Even though I said I didn't..
dannygirl89 dannygirl89
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

That's a deep, poem, I love it. :)