Please Creamate Me!!

I think it would be neat for my surviving relatives to be able to spread my ashes out in the place of my choosing. I think that would be a neat way for them to say goodbye and know that my last wishes were looked after.

I am still thinking about where to be 'spread'. I think probably the forest or an ocean cliff.

Have you heard of some people that have scattered their loved one's ashes and at the wrong moment the wind picked up and blew the ashes into their faces!!! OMG!!

I want to be celebrated after I pass on and I don't want my body lying in the ground somewhere. I want to be a part of nature and allow my nutrients to give back to the earth.. That would be better than just sitting in a box.

Unless something bad were to happen to me, I wouldn't want them to creamate me until the crime was solved..

All these crazy things I think about.. just part of the fun of being a woman..!

PinUpPaige PinUpPaige
31-35, F
Feb 15, 2009