I am working and applying to graduate program in UK. I am afraid that if I am not accepted into my favorite institution in London. Now a prestigious institution admitted my application, but it is far from London. I like city life, it is convenient for entertainment such as restaurant and cinema, most importantly I could meet elite young minds there. Hope I could live in London this September.
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1 Response Mar 1, 2014

London is awesome. Would it ruin your dream to attend graduate school elsewhere? What if you just went to London, took a job and waited, in case you got accepted- would that be better than taking the offer of graduate school elsewhere?
A lot to consider.

I am stubborn and I think it is my disadvantage. I hope everything are perfect such as high education, excellent boyfriend and fitness body. If anything was not satisfied for me, I would feel I am a loser.

I know I am not flexible. If I am not accepted in London and I attended a school in countryside, it would save more life expenditure. After I finished my graduate studies, I can find a job in London. Right?

Honestly, I am losing my goal in my life. I persuaded myself if I did not live in London, it is not a big deal. 😔