I Need to Change My Job

I have been wanting to change jobs FOREVER, but I only have experience in one field, (and am SICK of it) . 

  I am not completely sure what I want to go to school for but I am thinking of occupational therapy or psychology. 

I used to want to be an artist or a writer, but I am so inarticulate and just not very good at things requiring hand-eye coordination, that I could never do these things. 

I can memorize anything, and am very book smart, but not very good at any particular thing.  I never found a real talent or natural ability.  there are things I force myself to do because I know I should (like exercise) and things that I struggled for years to learn and am finally passable at. 

I work with peole now and am not too bad at it, and psychology has always interested me.  I have a teaching degree, but was not very good at teaching, and also just got tired of it.  (burned out)  I think occupational therapy would be better, because it is more one-on-one work. 

HotPinkGirl HotPinkGirl
36-40, F
Mar 4, 2009