Ride 'em cowgirl.  MMMM have to love a great cowboy!

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BC we know you aren't innocent.

thank you fg. Why does everybody always laugh at me???

LMAO Mewold

I have ridden horses. I can show you ladies how to fall off and what to land on..............<br />
<br />
I am NEVER innocent.

I am ALWAYS innocent..... when I am asleep.

Innocent, me? Never...but monogamous....yes.

Oh man, I lost out last night. I was feeling a little under the weather and fell asleep. <br />
<br />
Yes, my comments are all innocent Rog.

I'll console you in your barnhouse Kwall **wink**

Fungirl's gonna get some in the barnhouse! :-) hehehe!

He he... I plead the freaking 5th now.

LOL well I would think you are ready for the long ride as i saw your mood said you are at the barnhouse today.

LOL y'all are killing me tonight.

There's one in the UK I'd like to ride but that's another story... :-)

*smiles* thanks, Dawn.<br />
And Botable, a cowboy comes in many shapes and places. :)

There aren't many women that don't like to ride one sort or another. I just prefer an man with a big horse and the country

What you didn't know I love to ride? I do!

Botable, or a great cowboy... lol<br />
<br />
Well he is a little too far away right now lol.

fungirl just remember good saddles have to be broken in just like a good pair of boots. But oh my when they get there....

LOL I have to say that I am ALWAYS learning something new about you. You never cease to amaze me and I am so glad we are friends.

Now now, do you know my man can't let me ride, hah? There are a few closet cowboys around. ;)

I know, I bet you didn't think I had it in x

Squadi. Yeehaw girl!<br />
<br />
TRW, NEXT? lol I had to say that although I know there is only one man for you and that you love him. I do too.<br />
<br />
Botable, Is it sure it is a belt buckle you want to polish? may have to polish his saddle horn lol. depends on my mood. That reminds me I need a new saddle. I hate to get a new one becauae I have a special saddle horn cap and everything.

Bless, I allways like to see a man leaving with a smile on his face. I know I am a good cowgirl. Born and breed. lol x


This is one of those times when you want to grab a beer and go polish buckles

Kwall,<br />
<br />
I'm going to see George Strait in June. He can't fill your boots but he does still fill those wranglers.

OMG is that a horse in your pocket or are you just glad to be reading our comments? lol


LOL Squadi. . . He normally has a horse between his legs so we might have to remove that too. LOL<br />
<br />
TRW, Going there next love.<br />
<br />
TEP, I try

LOL Squadi. . . He normally has a horse between his legs so we might have to remove that too. LOL<br />
<br />
TRW, Going there next love.<br />
<br />
TEP, I try

KwallretiredPBR- I guess we better take that cowboy hat off of you and see what your made of. Lol x

Hahaha... yeeeehahhhhhh!<br />
Did ya see my story? Let's start a revolution!

LOL why not? Are you a real cowboy or do you just ride like one on TV? LOL


Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy. x