This Is Very True..

 If anyone really knows me, they will know that I'm at my happiest when I can read a good book ( most irritated when you disrupt me, but internally at bliss). 

Many times I just stop reading and stare off into space thinking, 'If I was there...' or 'If that was me...' or 'Well if that happened, I'd...'

Most of the time, when i see a good TV show or book and I'm disappointed about one thing, or really excited about it, I go off and fantasize about it if I was in it. Then how the story would go then...needless to say, half the books I own are still half unread. lol... its kinda a bad habit... especially in school...  

whatever223 whatever223
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3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

...*smirks* try and stop me from reading, blondy. I DARE you.

hey im offended by that because of two reasons one you splet my name wrong, and two im not that annoying... lol, WHATEVER223 i better not see you reading tuesday lol jk

Yeah you can't even finish that series I gave you to read but if you did it in a class with cuteblond you wouldnt be able to finish it haha