Why Not?

I am not out to shock or offend anyone, I am not an exhibitionist. But whenever I am at a place that I feel comfortable and reaaly like, I want to be naked there. I heard it once said that the best way to experience the world is to be naked in it....and there is alot of truth in that. I am a sensual person by nature and I get more from a place when I can  "feel" it. This may sound strange to some people but it is true. This is especially true when Im out in nature. I have been places too that are more public and wished I could freely be naked. At work for instance.....There are times when Im working in a building and I am the only one there. I'd love to just ***** down and go about ny work totally nude, but what stops me is that I never know when someone might come in. Believe me, if I could be assured that nobody would show up then I'd gladly do it. I have been to state and national parks, to amusement parks, beaches, and so on, and wished I could be nude there too. Usually the extent of my nudity when I visit places is our hotel room. If I get a rare opportunity of discretion and privacy though, I try to take advantage of it. I long for a day when nudity is more accepted and tolerated in our country, that way I could be nude for awhile no matter where I go. 

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I am so completely in agreement with you on this. In too much of the world, and to too many people, nudity is something to be feared. Fear makes it so easy for us to lose something wonderful -- and it is so hard to go back. I think of all the cultures and tribes that used to go happily naked in their environments. Once that naked connection is lost, it is hard to recover it ever again.

I hear you.

I can't agree more

I am aware of those studies. In countries, societies, and cultures where casual nudity is more accepted and/or the "norm".....the sexual crime rates, violance, and promiscuity (including teen pregnancy) rates are much lower than they are here in the United States. Actually, I believe its the suppression and intolerance that fuel these things here. That is why I believe sex is so rampant in our society and yet simple nudity is inacceptable. Its also why people cant seem to seperate nudity from sex. I think thats where the real shame lies.

I am with you wholeheartedly on this. If nudity were allowed in all places, the thrill of nudity would wear off very quickly and people would relax so much more. There are studies that show that sexual violence and promiscuity is greatly reduced in nude societies. I am sure that we will have an initial spike in promiscuity and possibly sexual violence at first, but this will die down as well and people will be able to be themselves at all times and all places!