A Big Belly Dream Vacation

As a happy fat person in a skinny world, I often wonder what it would be like to escape to a "fat rules here" world. This would make finding a nice FA easier too. I have been reading about cruises and I think they actually have some for fat people! What a wonderful thing that would be! I can see myself surrounded by delicious food and beautiful fat bellies everywhere! As I put morsel after morsel of delicious food in my mouth, my eyes feast on the bellies! I would also be inspired thinking "I hope my belly gets THAT big someday"! Then there would be the wonderful, sweet FA men everywhere feeding us and bringing us more food from the gourmet kitchen and of course, boxed chocolates from the Godiva and Sees candy shops on board. The housekeepers would always be so busy picking up the empty boxes and wrappers everywhere, and of course the empty plates. I better stop the dream now before it becomes x rated. Each person could fill that out as they like. However, when I get home and weigh myself (in my dream) I must buy a new scale because I have just broken mine; it won't go over 300 Lbs. Have I gained that much on the cruise? My goodness! :)
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I love this 'dream' vacation!! I have been on cruises and this would make them just that much better! Women's fat bellies, backsides, hips ,thighs and, tops all over the ship being pampered to new proportions with their lovers.

Mmmmmmm.....yes! :)

I'm ready for another cruise! :)


Your idea of ​​a perfect vacation is very close to me. In a place full of constantly overeating fat women with growing bellies I would felt like in paradise.

i would gain like100000000000000000000000000000000000 kg on that

How wonderful! Lol

Sweat pants: a fatty's best friend! XD

'i would LOVE THAT!<br />
pack the sweat pants for sure!

In 3-5 increasing sizes!

That would be a fantastic time,Fun,Food and Fatties what more could you want!

On any of the cruiselines!

I am ready - where do I sign up?

Cruises cause me to gain so much weight....I'd go on them all the time and grow very huge and fat!

man that will be the best cruise ever

Sign me up my belly is hungry now!

Yes that does sound like tremendous fun. I would enjoy seeing many people like her onboard too :)

Had to share a story about cruising that sent me over the top with such excitement. <br />
I recently met a woman over 400+ lbs who's retired and has been on 44 cruises with her husband. Although she has been on ones in all price categories, she went on to tell me about the one she just went on ($1000 day per person includes constant drinking and feeding) From the time you step on the boat the staff is handing you champagne - one glass after another- special bottles of liquor all the time, unlimited drinks and food all the time. The staff asks regularly what they want to eat and drink - she says with a big smile since she loves it "do I have to" She orders steak in the middle of the night for room service - everything and anything all the time and the staff doesn't wait to be asked they make sure you are well fed and not thirsty all the time. YUM, YUM.<br />
She's booked on another in 2 weeks., then 14 day cruise in Jan. in port about 2-3 days then off on another cruise. She has one other booked and told me about 2 more in the works. These cruises run less than $100 a day with an abudance of delicious treats; you just have to pay for your drinks & tips. She hardly ever wants to get off the boat but rather be pampered and indulge in all those food delicacies for the whole time. YAHOO! We talked about how great it is to order several appetizers, entrees and desserts at the same seating time and have an opportunity to try, indulge and enjoy all those appetizing treats; it really stimulates one's appetites. Wish I could see how this wonderful lifestyle affects her well-fattenned and round figure in six months and after.<br />
Well, I haven't stopped dreaming of her wonderful lifestyle and the trophy belly to go along with it. What a goal; it's definitely time to go on a cruise now!

Yes it is! Mmmmmmmmm

Going on a cruise and enjoying all the eating is excellent. I am about to go on another cruise and am really looking forward to spending the cruise relaxing, reading and eating and eating. That is what I did on my last cruise. One gets to eat as much as one wants all day. I liked to start with a plate of pastries in the room, then go to the restaurant or buffet for a big breakfast, enjoy snacks by the pool, read, enjoy a filling lunch, more snacks by the pool and maybe a nap, followed by a late dinner, followed by either late ice cream or a midnight buffet. All in all the constant pleasure of keeping myself full. For a week or more. The other enjoyable part is that after each meal and throughout the day, I get to walk and waddle around with a full belly. Sitting by the pool with my large size for all to see. Eating in the various places and fully enjoying filling myself at each meal. Instead of just watching others on the cruise who are fat, I get to have others watch big fat me as I eat and eat. The one thing I do make sure of is to have the restaurant staff put a chair with no side arms. Last cruise the chairs with side arms were too narrow. Luckily, the ship's staff is very attentive and does a great job taking care of one's needs.

Maybe there would be enough people in the EP community to make a cruise like that possible, joined with NAAFA or Ample Beauty - a joint cruise hmmmm... Nice idea .. i like it :) <br />
<br />
I think sometimes people wander in here by accident who don't understand us. To each his own, fat and thin, live and let live i say. Don't judge, don't criticize, just accept and love people for the truly wonderful people they are. amen? amen:)

Yes, we would definitely want plenty of fat admirers on board to feed everyone! What a delightful time for all!

Well, if you get a cruise going please make sure there is someone there to feed us guys up as well.... cos I'd like 7 - 10 days of being fed and fed, and fed again... :-)

I think I will write to some cruise lines like Carnival cruises and suggest such a cruise! Probably a minimal chance of them actually doing it but they do put on cruises for other special interest type stuff. If they did even some basic market research, I think they would discover a huge market for such a cruise!

Sounds wonderful!!! I can't wait to go on a cruise! I would like to find one just for fat people but it sounds like a regular cruise would be great too! All of that food and relaxation would be wonderful! That is nice that the staff was so considerate of your size and put forth the effort to make you comfortable!

I took a cruise about a year ago. At the time I weighed about 370 plus. I learned the joy of being on a great eating place for a week. Each meal I could have as much as I wanted. I would order several appetizers and two main dishes along with several desserts. During the day I would snack and drink sodas. When I was not eating, I would relax by the pool or on my balcony reading books. I went on a couple of excursions. I decided the ones that required getting on a tour bus were not as much fun only because I was too fat and big and it was hard to get in and out of the seats much less get down the aisle. However a saling excursion was excellent. I could sit on the boat and relax and who how fat I was. The crew brought food and drinks so I did not have to move. The wait staff on the cruise was excellent. They could see how big I was and made sure that the dining chair did not have arm rests. I lost some of the weight was went back down to 330. However, I am gaining again - very well indeed and now am at 368. By the time my next cruise comes in November it will be fun to see how large I am before and after the cruise. I plan on just eating and relaxing.

Been there, done that, blown up like a balloon!

Very true!

Yes, I hope so too! Maybe they could invite some FA men too! They could feed us! I have found some cruises through other avenues for larger people in general; both men and women! I adore big bellies and love to look at them on both men & women, but it would be extra sweet to have those slender men that love us so much running around bringing us cake and ice cream!! If I find any cruises that look like they might be close to that, I will post in on here in case people are interested. I think it would be fabulous!

Man, what cruise that would be...everyone would come back bigger than ever and very happy!

Great story. I had tried to sign up for an Ample Beauties group on a cruise ship that was going out of NJ to Bermuda this Sept. Unfortunately, not enough people signed up for it and it was cancelled; I was very disappointed. Had all type of fantasies associated with a cruise and eating to your hearts content around the clock. Hopefully, they'll try another time.

Awe! It is sounding more wonderful all the time!!!

Sign me up..id love to go on that cruise!!!!!!

And for that alone, I would volunteer!

It would be paradise! The soothing belly rub is a wonderful addition!

Poofy, imagine the dining. You'd have a waiter for every separate course and beverage, and between courses and after dessert you'd be offered a soothing belly rub to add to the pleasure.

That is true-it is no stranger than people denying themselves food to be thin. Thin may be what our society declares "beautiful", but I (and many others) choose to disagree. I like the look of fat on women and myself. I date fat or thin men but only if they like fat women. I like to eat and do not eat just to get fat; it is just a nice result.

Destiney24,it's no stranger than people denying themselves of food in their quest to be 'slim'.lol.just saying