Tbh I don't hate on these threads I just don't understand why people admire or rather be overweight or morbidly obese. Is it not harder to breath and do normal easy everyday activities? I'm not trying to shoot anybody down I just don't understand why somebody like the cover picture(honestly the only one I had and it was a funny meme I cropped out the meme tho) would be "drool over sexy"....
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Well with the 7 billion plus people on planet earth it's not hard to imagine that people have many different tastes.

Last time I checked it was 6.something but ok. And I know different cultures do but I was referencing to the American culture... I'm sorry I didn't put that


You literally just commented "exactly". I think your mixed up.


You did actually. You commented "Exactly"

yes I did but I mean no I'm not mixed up



.... What

when it said ikr?! it was sarcasm


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