I Don't Know Where Yet...

I'd really love to go on a mission trip, somewhere I can do more than minister to people but I can improve the quality of their lives as well. I'd like to go to Africa or Southeast Asia, and I definitely want to visit Indonesia since I sponsor a child there. I'd really like to do something to help cause a powerful change in the state of the world, and a powerful movement toward God.
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Christabel, I think it is great you are looking to go on a mission trip. I also agree with Elena's comments below. The US has plenty of need and it is a great way to "test the waters" to determine what type of mission activities and social settings you are truly passionate about.

Another thing you will want to consider is how you intend to fund your trip. If you haven't heard of crowdfunding, it is a great way to raise funds. Crowdfunding allows you to ask your family, friends, and even complete strangers for small donations to support your need.

To get free information to setup your crowdfunding request in an hour or less, check out www.Charisity.com.

I agree. Your passion and faith could truly change the world! My first couple of mission trips I did were in the United States, which I think I was best because of the challenges I faced on international mission trips. Not only are you struggling with witnessing for non-believers, but you also have a great deal of culture shock and probably harsher conditions to deal with. Besides, there is plenty of need in the United States. I did a couple with youthworks.com, which are all for youth and within the United States. Start small, and go big!

i havent done a mission trip in another country, but i've been apart of a few in the US. if you get the chance, take it. your accomplishments overwhelm you. not because of what you did, but what you've been able to do for other people. it's amazing.