Traveling Solo Again.......

Truck is packed and ready to go.  Armed with directiions that I've taken before, I'm feeling a bit more confident in my long drive today.  While it's liberating to be traveling alone. It can be lonely.  I keep looking in my rear view mirror to see what my daughter is doing.  It's old habit.  Makes me lonelier and at times guilty that she's not with me.  I usually don't go very far without her especially a road adventure.  When I stop at the rest stops and see the families and even their dogs
having a picnic, I can't help but be envious. I've always wanted that. 

This is my third road trip alone this year.  It's so unlike me. I'm the scaredy cat that's always been afraid to drive outside of my state lines.  Not anymore. If I want adventure and to discover new places, I have to make it happen. I can't sit back and hope that the next man that enters my life will be willing to do this with my daughter and I.  Often I feel as if I don't have control of my crazy life and that I can't seem to do anything right.  Driving gives me back some of the control and makes me feel that I've accomplished something simple that I set out for myself. 

What's a plus is having someone wonderful waiting for you on the other end!
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5 Responses Aug 18, 2010

May you be happy with what you do now.May you meet a wonderful guy on the way..!

Sounds great, I hope you will enjoy every moment.

Sounds like fun, no one to bother you or tell you where to stop. Just some nice alone time. I envy you.

enjoy and be safe!

Hope you have your favorite music -- I'm suggesting adding Mary J. Blige -- Share My World to your mix -- pick it up at Walmart's -- (lol) I'm wit ya Babe !! (really, get the cd)