My Dream.

Going on a road trip is the dream of my life. I think it would just be great to jump in the car and just drive. Don't worry about a plan or where you're going, just drive and see where the road takes you. I think that would be wonderful.
CreedenceGold CreedenceGold
22-25, M
1 Response May 15, 2012

Do it ... and do it while you are young. Life gets complicated the older you get. I had a very elderly man at my church tell me stories about his relationship with his wife. She died at a relatively young age. He missed her so very much. But the one thing that they did together was they got in the car and went wherever the road would take them. That's just the way he put it. As a result he had a lot of great memories to hold on to. He strongly suggested I do the same thing - just do it whenever and wherever you can ... go and see and do and enjoy. He really did die just three weeks ago [he had cancer at 80 years old] and I will always remember what he said to me. So .. what are you waiting for?