The Road

What a great idea. If only I could head NW across the Rockies, hit Yellowstone, and cruise the Pacific NW. I love the road. I miss the road. Perhaps I should get a little fix, with a ride in the countryside this afternoon.
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3 Responses Jun 27, 2012

Come pick me up, I'm always down down

unfortunately my car tire has a flat :)

Highway 101 is indeed amazing. Maybe you'll get to do that road trip soon :)

Wow! Now that would be a good trip! But you gotta at least do Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park and stay at one of the backcountry chalets.<br />
<br />
Hoping to hit the road with my motorcycle at the end of July. Might just want to take Highway 20 through Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska before heading into the Black Hills (and, no, not Sturgis. I'm not a crowd junkie, that's why I like the 2 lane).