I'm from Minnesota and I just wanna take a trip through scenic roads, open highways, and see beauties of nature and the world and meet new friends
SkollHati SkollHati
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Duluth is a great place to visit :)

Haven't been there in a loooong time!

The last time I went, it was freezing! Lols, I really want to visit during he summer tho, I hear it's great during the summer time. :)

Last time I went it sure was! But I don't even really remember too great haha

I'm from Minnesota tooooo :D

Hey you... You're cool👍

Oh ya you betcha😉

Want some hot dish with your pop?

Oh Id love some hotdish and pop yaaaa

Oh yaaaah

Wooooaah haha I remember this now. We've met before :D

Hahaha that's awesome!!!! :)

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get a 4 wheeler and ride on every trail you can find trust me much better than a road trip

Head up to Gooseberry Falls and then keep going to grand marais ... You can jump off of some cliffs in Grand Maraus into water and if you haven't already, you can stand under the falls..

Thank you!!!

I'm to old and married for road trips ;) but I've seen a lot of beautiful places. PM me if you ever are looking for a fun day trip or longer road trip. I don't mind telling you the places we've seen. Side note, the Renaissance Festival starts this weekend.

Ya I've went before it just was very much not my thing ha

youre still young what r u talkin about old

Thanks Chuckzares, but that is why the winking emoticon. Family trips (while still fun) have a different flavor than ones in your 20's. Minnesota is a great scenic state for roar trips. It's not the destination but the journey that matters. I've been to all the states except Alaska and Hawaii and know a lot of great places. There is climbing Mt Sugerloaf in UP Michigan, Dinosaur world in Florida, swimming in the ice cold waters at Glassier National park Montana, Candy Mt Utah, parasailing-kayaking-sailing-surfing on North Carolina Outerbanks (not the best waves, but vast emptyish beaches AND wild horses), throw some. Bikes on a rack and head to California. See the Red Woods. Go on a biking tour of the wineries in Nappa Valley, and Mt palomar... Oh and while in California you have to see the Glass Beach at Fort Bragg.. Breathtaking..take your friends to Four Corners Monument and stand in four states at one time, and there is a funny little place in Wisconsin where you can buy Kangaroo meat. Been there. Done them all and more. The 20's are a time to Live. Life is still good, but different after kids. Regret nothing.... Puts away soap box.

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