People have different reasons why they go on a road trip and travel to wherever the wind would lead them.

Mine is that... i wanna feel free because when i feel free, all the sadness within me vanish.

Even just for 1 whole day, i wanna feel 24 hours worry-free and just enjoy the ride, the wind or rain or sun with the clouds the birds flying with me as i go on my way to somewhere in no so specific place.

I want all the pain within me just disappear because i'm full already and i just need a break from all these.

I just want to stop thinking of all the things i couldn't not think of in a normal life that i have. Everybody just want to feel happy once in their stressful and sad life.

Take the pain away with the wind. Let the rain cover your tears. Make the sun shine and replace the dark cloud the covers your life and fly freely with the birds as they help you forget all worries bugging inside your head and all the hurtful memories your heart has.
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a poem, nice

Thank you :)

have you gone before?

what are u waiting for?just do it

I don't have enough money yet. But it's on my plan :)

good luck


you plan to travel alone?

or with some company

If i have someone with the same interest, then it would be fun :) if not, maybe i'll take the courage to travel alone.

you should get a gun if you are travellling alone

isnt it risky in your country to travel alone for a girl

how many kilometers/days you plan to travel

Gun? I'm not licensed lol. It's kinda dangerous to travel alone, but i know someone from the country i'm planning to visit someday. Here, i don't know. Filipinos are nice, but if you're gonna act as if you're new to the country... you know, you'll never know who's going to take advantage of you.

how much distance you plan to travel,,,you are travelling by motorbike or car

Lol i plan to travel to a different continent, so it's a plane :D

oh i thought you were gonna travel in yuour country

Maybe before i leave my own country, i'm gonna go to some tourist destinations here first :) idk yet.

mmm...have ever gone on a long distance tour ??i mean with your family or friends?

Yeah. With my ex.

how long was that

Can't remember. A week i guess.


But it's just within the country :)

still sounds cool

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I feel the same way!

Then i think you need that road trip too :)

Yeah :)

Well I now effectively am craving a road trip ha

Do it now! :D

I just might 😄

Good for you :)