I am planning in the next few years to rent an RV or camper and try to drive all over North America. I want to stay at or near National, State, or Provincial Parks. I want to see the deserts, the mountains, Yellowstone, the coasts, The Rockies...all the places that I have heard so much about but have never been to.
Before it's gone or I get too old and bitter.
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I love it! Except for the RV part :) I'll take the hotels/motels with the nice breakfast ... someone should should create an internet hosted hotel/motel breakfast rating system so we can check them out. Oh, and throw in an indoor swimming pool.

I love to drive cross-country and sight-see and stop in every little town Long the way. We have family along the Gulf Coast and the Mexican border as well as along the Canadian border so I routinely criss-cross the US, north and south, a few times a year.

BTW, don't worry about the old and bitter thing. Aging brings out the best in most things .... and people. And seniors often get special discounts in lots of places, just for being old. Would you believe that????

we can do it together

If you have the possibility, go for it :)

I have some planning and saving to do but I think it's possible within 2-5 years.