I'll be doing a one month road trip in Australia 2years from now with my best friend who's studying there and i'm looking forward to this trip. He's studying there and already has a car and might just use the car to travel all around australia. Can someone give me suggestions on where to start as we'll be starting our journey from Sydney. I know it's pretty early but I would like to estimate the budget so that I can start saving money because I'm currently a student in college. We would like to travel across the whole country. Also, is one month enough? Can't wait!!
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I live in Australia and it depends I. What you want to accomplish in your travels. It takes a about a week to travel from Sydney to Perth which is opposite sides of eachother. If you want to sight see, Sydney first up. There are many things to do in Sydney. Depending on what you are into, if you head south towards Melbourne it is more ally way caf├ęs, very hip, boring compared to Sydney (my thoughts anyways) but if you want to go to theme parks and have fun, I recommend Queensland. Gold Coast it perfect! You can surf, go to theme parks etc. it's very chilled and laid back. Brisbane QLD is okay, not much to do. Go to Hamilton Island in Queensland. Beautiful place. Or the Great Barrier Reef. Keep in mind Australia is a very expensive place so budgeting will be hard.

One month is just about enough for a normal holiday I would say