Spring Break

I am planning to take my kids to see my Sweetie in Missouri in a couple of weeks... we will be staying at his place for almost a whole week.  By the way, his place is AMAZING!  He lives in the country and it is really beautiful there.

We have planned it since January, the kids will be on Spring Break and are really looking forward to it.  I am letting them each bring a friend.

Over ten hours each way with a car full of teenagers.

Some would say I am crazy, but I'm really very excited to be going and can't wait to pack up and hit the road!

Of course, I will be getting to see my Sweetie, and would drive much further if I needed to for that pleasure! ;)


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7 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I am totally counting on it Pedro. Not really the drive, to be honest, but being there will be awesome, and I'm really pumped to show my kids his place.

Yes they are! I got it when they were little, although now with the ipods and the handheld gaming systems they can more easily amuse themselves. PLUS, I am counting on my oldest to do some of the driving... :)<br />
<br />
Yay for Bassy hugs and Coffee Crisp!!!!

Those things are a godsend :)<br />
<br />
Of course not :) It is packed next to the hugs.

OMG! Thanks for reminding me, Bass! We have one up in my attic. It is not one of the new cool slim ones, and it takes up quite a bit of room, but it works to keep them occupied! I will have to go find it :)<br />
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And don't forget my Coffee Crisp ;)

Sounds fun. One thing I bought before my last long car ride...a portable dvd pla<x>yer. At times I forgot they were back there-lol Never mind world peace, whoever invented that portable device deserves the nobel prize-lmao<br />
I didn't here "are we there yet once!"

I plan on it Jennifer, thanks! It is a really pretty ride too, through the mountains in Tennessee...

your trip sounds lovely. Nothing like a road trip in early Spring. Have fun!