DREAMS Become Real With Time

I have bad depression and sometimes im really ill. I have set myself a challenge to vist Sicily with my fiancé. Making are own way booking rooms and travelling on public transport. My grandmother whose last name was CORICA told me stories when I was little about her grandfather who came from Sicily as the years go by you lose touch with family and become accustomed to the country were you were born taken on Different" paths. I don't want to miss a thing I want to cook i want to look at the sea feel the heat like my grandfather see the things he looked at. If anyone in the experience Project knows anythink about Palermo and Trapini and any usefull tips to get around Sicily then i would be grateful for the help.

 I need to put some parts of my life and the pain my father caused me to rest. By visting my grandfathers birth place in your eyes dad I would never amount to much I want fly "Im to scared" Im Living my dreams dad. Thanks to my fiance for the last seven years













Colourblue Colourblue
36-40, F
Apr 14, 2009