I know that it might sound greedy and unplausible, but i want to go on an adventure. An adventure like the ones in stories, tv shows, movies, espacially anime.

im mot joking about this either, this problem actually bothers me quite frequently. I think about this life, quite amazing and wonderful in its own way, but then i think about what a REAL adventure might be like.....

I want to be a pirate in another universe where that kind of thing is an adventure

I want to be a Pokemon trainer, or a wizard, or a gunslingee in another world where i could ACCTUALLY be those things and go on adbentures as them.

It's my ultimate goal in the afterlife (if there is one) to go on somekind of adventure.

Hopefully someday, i wil.........^^
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This is all too true for me as well. I want to be a merchant and sell a variety of objects to people around a desert world. I want to take a journey that means something and will help the world for good. I don't want to be the hero, I just want to have an adventure and a story to tell in a tavern